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Building School Pride

19 March 2015

Quality Education is something that happens inside your classrooms. But how will parents, prospective parents and the community know? Your school sign makes that first, all-important statement about who you are.

'Giant Pencils' at Batlow Technology School

03 December 2012

The story of how Danthonia Designs pencil monuments helped to implement the HOW2Learn program which helped to reduce negative behaviour at a central school in the Snowy Mountains...

Classic Quarterboard History

12 March 2011

Nineteenth-century sailing ships displayed their names on decoratively carved and painted wood signs called quarterboards. When a ship's captain retired and went ashore he would acquire the quarterboard and place it on his house for all to admire.

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4 December 2010

Yetman in S&DG Portfolio

Known Among Local anglers as a good fishing spot, Yetman - population 178 - has now attracted attention in international signmaking community as well, for it's new entrance sign.

The sign was awarded third place in this year's Portfolio Contest; an annual a collection of sign artistry from around the world, published by Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine.

From the S&DG article:

'Danthonia Signs turns out consistently beautiful signs,' says contest judge Mike 'Mike Z' Szczoczarz [of Countryside Signs, Seekonk Massachussets]. 'Their use of color is outstanding. Any one of their entries could be in this slot or higher...'

'Every Danthonia sign is a custom work, but this sign did get some special attention,' says Joe McKernan of Danthonia. 'Some unique aspects to the design include the four-post hanging system and the airbrushed gradient background color, which is somewhat unusual for us. It is also kind of interesting how the 3-D sculpted banner behind the gum nuts has no writing on it. It is simply there for the ambiance and the look/feel it gives.'

The signs that come from Danthonia are a team effort, with Christina Maendel designing this piece and Brenna McKernan painting the pictorial. But Joe says probably 15 people may have pitched in on the production.

It was Danthonia’s previous work that brought Yetman to their door. 'Yetman is a small town in the bushland of Northern New South Wales,' says Joe. 'About 40 percent of Danthonia’s work involves signage for local governments. Over the last few years we have done entry statements, park signage and related destination branding for more than 75 Australian councils. Yetman had seen our work around and wanted two new Danthonia-style entry signs to show local pride and promote fishing in the area.I liked the fact that this ‘little town’ got a ‘little sign’ and that this little sign has the ability to really influence your first impression of the town as you drive into it.'

Other winners included Dan Sawatsky from Chilliwack, B.C., Canada and Lunsford Signs of Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, USA.

To see more of our local government signs, browse our portfolio.

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