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Building School Pride

19 March 2015

Quality Education is something that happens inside your classrooms. But how will parents, prospective parents and the community know? Your school sign makes that first, all-important statement about who you are.

'Giant Pencils' at Batlow Technology School

03 December 2012

The story of how Danthonia Designs pencil monuments helped to implement the HOW2Learn program which helped to reduce negative behaviour at a central school in the Snowy Mountains...

Classic Quarterboard History

12 March 2011

Nineteenth-century sailing ships displayed their names on decoratively carved and painted wood signs called quarterboards. When a ship's captain retired and went ashore he would acquire the quarterboard and place it on his house for all to admire.

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12 January 2011

Create Your Own Handcrafted Sign!

GIVE IT A TRY - browse through our sign design gallery until you find a design which you like, then customize it and our signmakers will hand craft it for you!

Great signs start with great designs. From day one Danthonia has valued the time of our designers and charged clients a reasonable fee for any design work. This approach has worked well for medium to large projects, where designs require committee planning and formal approvals. But not everyone wants to pay a designer to come up with custom designs. Some people know "just what they want", they just want to be able to communicate their ideas, and get the sign made!

In 2008, using simple but classic design elements, Danthonia created the world's first interactive 'design-your-own-house sign' website. This web-based approach allowed homeowners to create and tinker with their own house sign design ideas. Unless custom art was requested, we simply waived the design fee and clients placed their orders online.

The popularity of the site encouraged us to take the next step and create a more sophisticated interactive site to meet a wider range of signage needs. allows you to design handcrafted business signs, church signs, pub signs, school signs or whatever other signs you may have a need for. Many months of care have gone into the creation and selection of the classic shapes, color schemes and font combinations. People with little or no sign design experience can use the tools and components on this site to assemble professional looking sign designs. Danthonia's award winning team will then handcraft your personal design and deliver within 3 weeks.

This site has been created for both Australian and North American customers. Should you need custom art or other custom features don't hesitate to contact us. has already proved popular in its first few weeks, especially with North American sign design enthusiasts. Here's a few pictures of signs we've made, that were designed by customers on the new website:


The very first design from, for a property in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

A Property Sign in Eden, New York

A Property Sign in Douglassville, Pennsylvania

'Received the Wolf Den sign yesterday, and it was wonderful.  It was a gift for my wife, an ardent wolf fan, and she loved it it!  ... Thanks to all involved for the great work.  I loved the website design and your service and communication was awesome.  I will be sure to use your company for any future needs.
Best Wishes to your company in the New Year!'

A House Sign in Franklin Square, New York

A House Sign in Smyrna, Delaware

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