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Building School Pride

19 March 2015

Quality Education is something that happens inside your classrooms. But how will parents, prospective parents and the community know? Your school sign makes that first, all-important statement about who you are.

'Giant Pencils' at Batlow Technology School

03 December 2012

The story of how Danthonia Designs pencil monuments helped to implement the HOW2Learn program which helped to reduce negative behaviour at a central school in the Snowy Mountains...

Classic Quarterboard History

12 March 2011

Nineteenth-century sailing ships displayed their names on decoratively carved and painted wood signs called quarterboards. When a ship's captain retired and went ashore he would acquire the quarterboard and place it on his house for all to admire.

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2 October 2010

ASGA Awards 2010

Two Danthonia signs have made the winners list in this year's Australian Sign and Graphics Association Awards. The Awards were presented on board the 'Bella Vista' cruiser in Sydney Harbour on the 21st of last month. Interestingly, both the winning entries also made the cut in this year's International Sign Contest back in February.

Alpine Fudge Factory (click here for more pictures)
Silver  - Carving & Sculpture

Alpine Fudge Factory business signThis sign also won 3rd Place in the 'Commercial Building Signs' category the International Sign Contest.

Rainbow Beach Entry Sign (click here for more pictures)
Bronze - Original In-House Design Concept

This sign took Honourable Mention in the 'Commercial Monument Signs' category the International Sign Contest.

The 'Bella Vista', filled to capacity with three hundred signmakers

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